2 April 2020 (ongoing)

'#43Artists' by Cultivate - ONLINE ONLY (click here for link)


7 December 2020 - 4 January 2021

'Facing It' (curated), The House of Smalls, Dollhouse Project - ONLINE ONLY (click here for link)

11 June - 15 July 2019

'Still Life' (solo show), The Jam Factory, Boiler Room Gallery, Oxford

October 2018

'(In)visible' by Atramental (co-curated with Jenni Bea), Espacio Gallery, London



'Facing It' (curated), The House of Smalls, Dollhouse Project - ONLINE ONLY (click here for link)

'Emergent Vision' by Uncovered Collective at 137/139 Copeland Road, London

Vienna Calling II 'All You Need is Love' by Atelier Cool Pool & ArtCan at Galerie Art Pool, Vienna 

'The Art Hunt' by Sweet 'Art, East London

'You Can't Paint That!' by Smash The Narrative at NDSM Fuse, Amsterdam 

Trenton 2020 'AAN 2020 Virtual Selects Exhibition', New Jersey, US - ONLINE ONLY

'Art All Night Trenton 2020', New Jersey, US - ONLINE ONLY

'The Resilient Self' by The Artists' Pool at Espacio Gallery, London

'Transient' by ArtCan, ONLINE ONLY

'Flow' by Lingwood Samuel, Church Street, Godalming 

'Depiction - the human form' at Heseltine Gallery, Truro School, Truro

Under the Bed Sale by Cupola Gallery, Hillsborough, Sheffield

'Chapter I' by ArtNumber23, Thissio, Athens             


'Peerfest 2019' by Mind, West Bromwich Albion FC, Birmingham

'Sheroes-Revoluciones' by Lon-Art, Ugly Duck, London

'The Death of Art' by Sweet 'Art, The Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, London

'Uncertainty & The Unknown' by City Arts Nottingham & the Institute of Mental Health, IMH, Nottingham

'FUBAR' by Fubar Collective, The Crypt Gallery, London

'Dancing with Demons', DWD Events (charity fundraiser for Mind), Create Centre, Bristol

'Portraits Without Faces' by PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

'Have a H'Art' by Sweet 'Art (fundraising event), The Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, London

'From ArtCan with Love' by ArtCan (postcard fundraiser) , Fitzrovia Gallery, London

Twitter Art Exhibit (postcard fundraiser for Mind), Out of The Blue Drill Hall, Edinburgh

'44 Artworks' @ 44 Hallam Street by ArtCan, Hallam Street Conference Centre, London

FLUX Exhibition, The National Army Museum, Chelsea, London


'Beautiful & Damned' by Sweet 'Art, The Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, London

'Girl Child' by ArtCan, NW London Resource Centre, London

'(In)visible' by Atramental (curated by Jenni Bea and myself), Espacio Gallery, London

'Nostalgia' by Artnumber23, Misc. Art Center, Timisoara, Romania

'44 Artworks' @ 44 Hallam Street by ArtCan, Hallam Street Conference Centre, London 

'From ArtCan with Love' ArtCan Postcard Fundraiser Exhibition, Fitzrovia Gallery, London

'Ich Will' (Rammstein themed club night) by 8 Music Group, Nightclub Kolis, London

'Unspoken' by Sweet 'Art, The Stash Gallery, Vout-O-Reenee’s, London

'Nostalgia' by Artnumber23, TOON, Amsterdam, Netherlands

'Square Peg' by ArtCan at Circle Gallery, Sheffield

An 'Illuminate Herstory' exhibition, St Catherine's College, University of Oxford 

'Pink' by Clouds Art Coffee, Suginami, Tokyo

'Intent' by Cultivate at BMST Space, London

44 Artworks @ 44 Hallam Street by ArtCan, Hallam Street Conference Centre, London


'What is the Point?' by ArtCan, Camden Image Gallery, London

'Monochrome' by Merge-Arts, The Cafe Gallery, Islington Arts Factory, London

'TRIBE17' by Chrom-Art, The Bargehouse, Oxo Wharf Tower, London

'Appearance of...' by ArtCan, A&D Gallery, London

An Art Event by Nasty Women UK, Stour Space, London

'FemFest' by Sweet 'Art in partnership with Ugly Duck, London 

Mental Health Charity Fundraising Auction by Chilli Studios at Holy Biscuit Gallery, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 

'Stimulus' by Artnumber23, Menier Gallery, London

'State of Mind' by Lou Gilmore-George, Northallerton, North Yorks

'Stimulus' by Artnumber23, Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, Athens

'Interact' by Cultivate at Coate, London

'Stimulus' by Artnumber23, Greenhouse, Berlin 

'At This Point In Time' by WITP, Scottish Arts Club, Edinburgh


'T'ART' by Sweet Art, Pearl & Bones Gallery, London

'Gluttony' by Nude Tin Can Gallery, St Albans, Herts

East Kent Artists' Open House weekends, Margate, Kent

'Humans' by Made In.. Art Gallery, Venice, Italy

'The Nude' by Candid Arts Trust, Islington, London

'MEWS #2 Routes' by Jakbox, Camden, London

Blair Zaye Presents 'Exposed', Ben Oakley Gallery, Greenwich, London

'Breakfast in Beirut' by Artiki Eventi, Treviso, Italy

I am a UK based self-taught conceptual artist and my work is drawn upon narratives from a feminist perspective based on my own experiences of women’s rights and identity, domestic abuse, mental health disorder and invisible illness. My intention is to keep issues considered stigma visible through artwork by creating subtle, relatable pieces portraying both the frangible and durable elements of our existence; expressing vulnerability and instability but also alluding to the fundamental core strength within. I enjoy responding to both reference and materials in unconventional ways, pushing their and my boundaries.

I often use mannequins in my work - their anonymity and uniformity enable me to tackle subjects such as gender-based violence and women’s health on a human but impersonal level. Female mannequins generally conform to male gaze idealism and using them to create work disrupting that cliché is an important element of my practice.

My work has been exhibited throughout the UK and in Europe, Japan and USA, and in June/July 2019 I had my first solo show, Still Life, at The Jam Factory, Oxford. In October 2018 I co-curated (In)visible at Espacio Gallery, London, a group exhibition which coincided with World Mental Health Day and brought together 43 international, emerging and accomplished artists who express life’s difficulties through artwork created as and for self-expression, communication and therapeutic release. I am a resident artist at The Art Eternal, Bristol.


In November 2020 I undertook a new project, The House of Smalls, a 1:12 scale doll house art gallery. Whilst the virtual galleries which sprang up during the Covid-19 worldwide lockdowns and restrictions were a great concept and provided access to art in the absence of open venues, I became frustrated by the repetitive and formulaic construct and really wanted to somehow create an inclusive online interactive space with a feminist ethos for physical work to join the already established independent digital shows and those forced online by the extraordinary circumstances.


The House has now grown to a street of two galleries, a studio and a suitcase. The third group exhibition, dedicated to women and their experiences throughout peri/menopause opened on 1 May, and the previous two shows have shown the work of around 50 UK and international artists. Full details of exhibitions and future calls can be found at


Most of my work is available as unique handmade 300gsm paper prints (A6-A3) or limited edition aluminium and acrylic prints (all sizes).