Exhibition dates: 7 December 2020 - 4 January 2021

Deadline for submissions: 21 November 2020


With the world in and out of unpredictable lockdowns, where are you at right now - physically, mentally, emotionally - following a summer of loss and insecurity, broken promises and general change, and facing ongoing periods of confusion and isolation?


Facing It will be a group exhibition of 25 works relating to this moment.  Free to submit with a £1 fee if selected; all 2D mediums accepted (originals and prints) and only one stipulation - the work must be no more than 3inches (W) x 6inches (H)


The exhibition will be physical in the sense that it’ll be hung in the dolls house, and the show and work will be posted daily on social media. 


Please submit work to amy@fragilityofself.co.uk stating whether it’s an original piece or a print/copy of an original piece. Thank you! 🖤

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